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January 01, 2013

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Moong Daal Khichdi

Moong daal and rice
Moong daal and rice
Moong daal khichdi was one of the first foods I started giving Devansh when I introduced solids in his diet. Moong daal is easy to digest as compared to other lentils. Also this daal is a good source of protein and dietary fiber. I roast rice and daal before making the khichdi as they become easy to digest that way. Also I can make extra mixture which can be stored for future use. This khichdi is suitable for six month and older babies.

  • 2 tbsp yellow moong daal (split yellow gram)
  • 2 tbsp rice
  • Pinch of hing (asafoetida)
  • Pinch of haldi (turmeric powder)
  • Salt to taste
  1. Wash rice and moong daal separately and then allow them to dry. I usually make this mixture of rice and moong daal to last me for a week. So I take about a cupful of each for roasting.
  2. Roast them in a pan separately for 5-10 minutes while stirring them continuously. This time will depend on the quantity of the mixture. 5-10 minutes is enough for 2 tbsp of rice and daal each. You will need to roast daal for a bit longer than rice.
  3. If your baby has just been introduced to solids, you can grind the roasted mixture coarsely in a blender. 
  4. You need about 4 tbsp of the roasted mixture for one serving of khichdi. You can store the remaining mixture in an airtight container for future use.
  5. Add hing, haldi, and salt to 4 tbsp of roasted mixture. (Note: It is recommended to avoid adding salt in babies' food till they turn one. However, in my case I found that Devansh just wouldn't eat his food without salt. Hence, I started adding little bit of salt in his food. You can decide whether you want to add salt or not after talking to your child's pediatrician.)
  6. Add 1 and a half cup of water. 
  7. Cook the mixture in a pressure cooker on medium flame for about 15-20 minutes (7-8 whistles).
  8. Mash the khichdi finely or coarsely depending on your baby’s age. 
  9. Add some homemade ghee to the khichdi before serving it to your baby. 
  10. If you have introduced dairy products in your baby’s diet, you can feed your baby some curd with this khichdi.
For older kids you can try the following less bland variation:
  1. Roast the rice and moong daal as mentioned above.
  2. Add salt and water to the roasted mixture and cook it in a pressure cooker on medium flame for about 15 minutes (6-7 whistles).
  3. Meanwhile heat a pan and add 1 tsp ghee.
  4. Add 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, and when the seeds splutter add hing and turmeric powder.
  5. Add 2-3 tbsp of cooked mashed vegetables, stir properly, and then turn off heat.
  6. Add the tempered mashed vegetables to the cooked khichdi and mix well.
  7. Add some homemade ghee on top of the khichdi and serve it with curds.  


  1. Very nicely presented. I am sure that some adults will also like it (I love khichri!) :)

  2. Thanks Sunil. If you plan to make this khichdi for yourself you might like to roast the rice n daal in cumin seeds tadka (jeera + hing + haldi)and also add garam masala. :)

  3. :) Long time since I made all these.

  4. Thank you for the recipe. My daughter liked it!

  5. Thanks so much Maria...It feels good to get feedback from other moms :-) Btw how old is your daughter?

  6. After ur hit of curd rice with my 6mnth baby boy nd six year daughter..today I am gonna try this..it is already going well...I tried ur rice kanji..that to went well for my boy...thx a ton

  7. I added a little cumin powder to it....it went well

  8. Thanks so much for your feedback Paromita...it feels great to know your effort has helped another mom :-) This khichdi was one of the first foods I tried for Devansh...after 1-2 weeks of fruits and sweet potato puree that is...if ur son likes this you can actually store roasted rice and moong daal in bulk to last you for a week or two...turns out to be a real time saver :-)

    1. I hv frnd who has twins..nd Is struggling to feed them.....I hv shared ur page with her too..

  9. Thanks Paromita :-) I sometimes post links to recipes on my FB page too...

  10. i appreciate this blog as it guides new mothers on baby feeding.

  11. Thank you for the recipe my daughter loved it and even enjoyed her first food......

  12. It's an awesome feeling isn't it...thanks for sharing that with me Tarrannum :-)

  13. Great recipes mukta. Trying each one daily for my 9 month old son viaan. Have a suggestion, if u can make an index of recipes it would be more helpful I guess instead of scrolling down n searching. Also if u can add home remedies for cold, cough, colic, fever etc.

  14. Thanks Soulkarma...Viaan is a lovely name...haven't heard it before :-)

    I do have an index for the recipes...if you click on the Blog Index page you'll see thumbnails of all recipes...there are age-wise labels too if you are searching for any particular age group...

    I love your suggestion of home remedies...I'll have to start searching for them...so far whatever little home remedies I know haven't worked with Devansh...like haldi and ajwain milk for cold etc because he refuses to have milk that tastes different...same thing with kadha my mom makes...he refuses to have that....so far I've just been relying on allopathy medicines for Devansh :)

  15. Can you make the khichadi and save for few days? If so, do you have a preceded method to refrigerate it?

  16. Hi Shweta...so far I have always cooked fresh khichdis for Devansh...to save time what I used to do is roast the grains and store those...so cooking them doesn't take more than 10-15 minutes...I don't think cooked khichdis would refrigerate well...I find that cooked veggies refrigerate well...so I make my cooked and mashed mixed veggies and sweet potato...blanched and pureed spinach in advance and refrigerate it....but never tried khichdi...

  17. Salt is not what is recommended to babies till one year old and Hing contains too much heat even for adults (recommended to give with ghee, and ghee is not for babies again).

  18. We should give minimal salt to babies initially but you cannot give them bland food and expect them to eat it. Indian babies especially do not like bland food as they've tasted spicy food since they were in their mom's wombs and later when they're breastfed. I used to add next to nothing salt in my son's khichdis but he didn't like the khichdi so I added a bit more salt and he ate that properly. I have heard the same story from fellow moms. A pinch of salt is fine, one shouldn't add too much. Also regarding, hing, it's excellent for digestion, again adding just a pinch is fine. Homemade ghee has several medicinal benefits. Ghee is saturated fat...which is the good-type of fat!! It's important for babies to get food from all food groups and homemade ghee is a good candidate to represent the "Fats" food group.


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