Banana Shikran / Maharashtrian Kelyachi Shikran Recipe

Kelyachi (Banana) Shikran

Kelyachi (Banana) Shikran

If you’re searching for recipes of healthy snacks for toddlers or kids, you’re not going to find one simpler than this shikran recipe. And yet for some reason it never struck me to give this to Devansh earlier. My mother didn’t make shikran at home; my maushi (maternal aunt) used to make for my cousins when we were kids. I remember my cousins used to love it; I wasn’t a big fan though. So I guess it never struck me to give it a try for Devansh.

Usually kelyachi shikran is made by adding sugar in the milk but I prefer to add jaggery. I use organic jaggery powder which is easy to melt in warm milk. The only effort involved is peeling and slicing a couple of elaichi bananas. I make this as an evening snack for Devansh to be had with 2 rotis. His evening snack needs to be kind of heavy as on some days he’s out of the house for 2-3 hours at a stretch. I hope you find this quick and healthy kids’ snack recipe useful.

How to make kelyachi (banana) shikran? (Video)

Banana Shikran / Maharashtrian Kelyachi Shikran Recipe

Maharashtiran recipe of kelyachi (banana) shikran, which is quick and easy. Perfect as a healthy snack for toddlers and kids.
  • 2 elaichi bananas (or 1 regular banana)

  • 3/4th cup warm milk

  • 1 tbsp jaggery powder (preferably organic)

  • Large pinch of cardamom (elaichi) powder

  1. Add jaggery powder in warm milk and mix well.

  2. Peel and slice the bananas, and add to the milk.

  3. Add elaichi powder and mix well.

  4. Serve with roti or the shikran can be had just like that.

  1. I prefer to give kiddo elaichi bananas but if you don't have elaichi bananas locally available, you can use regular ones. It's always best to use local produce as it's fresh and therefore more nutritious.

  2. Typically, this recipe is made using sugar. But instead of adding 2-3 tsp of sugar it is healthier to use jaggery.


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