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Big Basket Review: The Online Grocery Store in India

Big Basket Review by MumMumTime

“You know you are a mom when going to the grocery store by yourself feels like a vacation.”I saw you nod your head in agreement there. 🙂 That was my reaction too when I first read this quote. So when I read about some online-shopping-savvy moms discussing how convenient it is to shop with Big Basket, my ears (or should I say my eyes) perked up. Of late, I have been trying to juggle my time for grocery shopping. So I was really happy when Big Basket approached me to review their services. That happiness went up several notches when I found that they offer organic veggies, fruits, and staples. And I don’t mean to be gushing here, but I really really liked that they sent the supplies in a big basket, which they take away and reuse for other deliveries. This eco-friendly initiative by Big Basket won them several brownie points with me. Read on as I share my online grocery shopping experience with Big Basket in detail.

What I liked

Intuitive interface (GUI) that is easy on the eyes

I have done quite a bit of online shopping. But even if I were a novice I would find the information I need right away. The products are categorized neatly, listed without cluttering your screen or using loud colors.

Option for viewing offers is displayed upfront

Like all budget-conscious moms, I too am on the lookout for money-saving options like discounts and bundle packs when I shop. On Big Basket’s website, these offers are displayed in a drop-down list under “Offers“, right next to “Shop“. You don’t need to navigate through myriad options to search for discounted, promotional, or bundle-pack products.

Big Basket's Website
Big Basket’s Website
Wide range of common as well as unique household products

In addition to products easily found with a local grocer, Big Basket offers a wide range of products which you can find only at super markets or specialty stores.

These products especially caught my eye:

Organic fruits and vegetables
Organic staples like pulses, flours, and masalas
Variety of cheese ranging from mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese to organic feta and cream cheese
Health drinks like multi grain beverage mix and ragi malt
Ayurvedic food products like basil herbal tea, amla juice, and amla-ginger squash
Ayurvedic personal care items like soaps and face washes

Products bought by me
Products bought by me
Option to create a shopping list

I could do my shopping in multiple sessions by using the Create New List feature. Instead of adding products to the shopping cart right away, I added them to a list. This feature is pretty useful if you want to shop over multiple days. Even if your session times out, the products added to the list remain there. If you have a standard list of groceries each month, you can just use the same list instead of having to add products each time you shop.

Option of selecting a delivery time slot

Most of the online shopping sites let you know that the products will reach you within so and so working days. Are you just supposed to wait at home the entire day to collect them? I usually inform at home if I am expecting any delivery but I prefer to check the contents myself. I selected the last slot of delivery, 7:30-10PM, as I knew I would be home at that time. The products reached me at 8:10 PM, well within the specified delivery slot.

Delivery of products in a reusable basket

As I mentioned before, Big Basket literally delivered the products in a “big basket”. They take away the basket afterwards and reuse it. If all shopping websites follow this environment-friendly approach, we can save on tons of packaging material. Another big plus was that I could check the products right away. In fact the delivery person insisted on it before he left. I had ordered organic sambhar powder, flours, and a health biscuit pack. After ensuring that the packets were intact, I could check the expiry dates on all these packets without the hassle of cutting open the boxed packaging. The delivery person left after I confirmed that I was satisfied with the condition of the products.

Products delivered in a basket
Products delivered in a basket

Moral of the story 🙂

If you like spending hours at super markets browsing through myriad products, trying to mentally keep track of the shopping amount, standing in long queues awaiting your turn for payment, carrying heavy shopping bags home, then please ignore my review by all means. For the rest, I would definitely recommend shopping with Big Basket; I know I will be shopping with them in near future.

Note: Currently, BigBasket’s service is available in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Its website says you can write to them at customerservice@bigbasket.com if you are interested in their service in any other city.

Mukta Tikekar

MumMumTime - Owner, Blogger & Writer.

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