Summer Drinks Recipes

Cold Coffee Recipe, Coffee Shop Style

A low-fat, low-sugar cold coffee recipe to satisfy your taste buds. Try this easy, coffee-shop style Frappe recipe that uses… Read More

12 months ago

Masala Chaas / Spiced Buttermilk Recipe, Refreshing Summer Cooler

This masala buttermilk also known as spiced buttermilk is a perfectly refreshing summer coolant spiced using coriander, mint and ginger.… Read More

3 years ago

4 Summer Recipes, Slushies or Frozen Drinks with Indian Flavors

Love eating gola (shaved ice) but worried about the quality of ice or syrups being used by local gola walas?… Read More

3 years ago

Kairi Panha Recipe, How to Make Kairi Panha

Kairi panha recipe. Try to include vitamin C and B rich raw mangoes in your diet this summer. This yummy… Read More

4 years ago

Cucumber Mint Smoothie

Currently, heat and humidity top my hate list. I mean they are seriously driving me up the wall. So I… Read More

7 years ago