Tiffin/Lunchbox Recipes

Gobi Paratha

How to Make Gobi Paratha, Step by Step Recipe

Paratha is a favorite go-to dish for most of us Indians as a healthy breakfast, snack, or tiffin. It is a very versatile dish and can be made using practically any vegetable as a stuffing. I give Devansh paratha as an evening snack with chutney or dahi. While I like to have paratha for dinner. …

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Aloo Frankie Recipe using Palak Paratha

Who doesn’t like a frankie? Easy to make and yummy to eat if you get the tangy taste of stuffing just right. Devansh loves frankies. We both like Tibb’s chicken frankies. At home, I make egg frankie for him and me. While my vegetarian husband makes them using palak paratha as a wrap with potato …

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Sprouted Moong Chilla Recipe

Devansh loves sprouted moong and can eat it even raw without cooking. So I use sprouts in salads mostly. Sprouted moong chillas were basically means of getting Devansh to eat coriander. While Devansh has mostly been a non-fussy eater there were certain foods he used to avoid, not because of taste but because of the texture. Like coriander in …

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