Toddler Food Recipes

Gobi Paratha

How to Make Gobi Paratha, Step by Step Recipe

Paratha is a favorite go-to dish for most of us Indians as a healthy breakfast, snack, or tiffin. It is a very versatile dish and can be made using practically any vegetable as a stuffing. I give Devansh paratha as an evening snack with chutney or dahi. While I like to have paratha for dinner. …

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Sprouted Moong Chilla Recipe

Devansh loves sprouted moong and can eat it even raw without cooking. So I use sprouts in salads mostly. Sprouted moong chillas were basically means of getting Devansh to eat coriander. While Devansh has mostly been a non-fussy eater there were certain foods he used to avoid, not because of taste but because of the texture. Like coriander in …

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Sukhi Arbi (Taro Root) Sabzi

Sukhi Arbi Sabzi (Taro Root Sabzi)

Most of the sabzis we make at home require very little preparation and cooking time, like this dry arbi (taro root) sabzi. This sukhi arbi sabzi recipe too is really simple, doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes of your time, and is nutritious and yummy at the same time. Arbi is one of my favorites and I …

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Cheesy Zucchini Slices

Zucchini Recipes: Cheesy Zucchini Slices

Cheesy zucchini slices made by hubby dearest is what it took for me to get over my writer’s block. I am writing this post after five months, so it’s been a mega block really. But I just couldn’t not post one of  these zucchini recipes – cheesy zucchini slices after Kalpesh not only cooked but also …

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