Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him, Her, Kids, and Parents too | Gifts That Are Long-Lasting and Useful

I would have been delighted to receive a bouquet of red roses from hubby few years back. Back in those days, we also didn’t feel guilty about gobbling all the chocolates together. But of late I have come to value the gifts that are long-lasting and more memorable. So in this post I’ve listed few Valentine’s Day gifting options for the whole family that I hope you find useful.

This post is about gifting ideas, so on this page I have restricted the items displayed per category. If you want to cut out the blah and straight off jump to the products’ listing page, click on the ad above.

Gifts for Couples - Combo sets for you and your spouse

Get Set Go. I couldn’t decide whether to start with gifts for him or her, so here I am going ahead with combo sets for couples. You can buy these super cool combo sets for yourself and spouse. There’s a wide range of combo sets to choose from–from expensive watches and perfumes to easy-on-the-pocket matching t-shirt or mug sets. While buying watches online opt for well known and reputed brands like Fossil, Titan etc. While buying perfumes online choose known fragrances.


Gifts for Him - Your suave man will love these

While there are 101 things we women want, men are relatively simple creatures. Buy your hubby a classy watch, trendy laptop bag, perfume or a nice wallet; and TADA! You’re all set.

Gifts for Her - Make her fall in love with you all over again

My husband called this post sexist for excluding this section. “Husbands like me are into cooking and look up recipes. So, mummumtime has male visitors as well.”, he insisted. So this section is at his insistence.

Gifts for Children - Because Valentine's Day is just an excuse

While as parents we keep buying them dozens of things throughout the year, kids tend to feel left out if they don’t receive gifts when their parents are gifting stuff to each other. My most favourite gift for my child is books. Other than books- outdoor games, indoor games, pretend play games are some good options that will not end up in a pile of forgettable toys.

Gifts for Parents and Grandparents - Widen your circle of love

Love thy parents and in-laws. Valentine’s Day needn’t be just about romantic love. Widen your circle of love; include your parents and in-laws in on the fun. Give them these lovely sets, or get your kids to gift their grandparents.

Gifts for yourself - Because self love is important

Finally, if your husband is not the romantic kinds or doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day but you do, don’t wait for him to change. Splurge on yourself. Buy yourself the book you have been meaning to buy but never got around to it–a nice spa kit, trendy handbag, watch, perfume or jewelry–show yourself some appreciation and love. (Pssst…If you notice a lot of watches in this post, it’s because I LOVE watches.)

Closing thoughts - Keep calm and shop online

As a parent, my free time always coincides with the child being away at school. And that’s not particularly a great time for me to go out shopping, scouting for stuff. So I have started relying more and more on online shopping. At home, I get to compare the prices of many products and weigh the pros and cons at my pace. 

Have fun buying or just window shopping from the comfort of your home. Choose things that the person you’re gifting to will use or has been wanting to buy. Everyone has a weakness–books, watches, perfumes, gadgets…. Find out and gift that. Hope you’ll find the list of gifts which I have compiled useful. All these products are available on Amazon, the online shoppers’ paradise.


The product links on this page are Amazon affiliate links, meaning the blog will earn some commission should you purchase any of the products. I would like to assure you that I have taken into consideration the customer ratings while selecting them. I would urge you to go for well known and reputed brands while buying anything expensive. Also, please go through customer reviews and ratings to make an informed choice.

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