Sukhi Arbi (Taro Root) Sabzi

Most of the sabzis we make at home require very little preparation and cooking time, like this dry arbi (taro root) sabzi. This sukhi arbi sabzi recipe too is really simple, doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes of your time, and is nutritious and yummy at the same time. Arbi is one of my favorites and I prefer having it along with roti and some pickle, preferably aam ka achar. I give Devansh dry sabzis with roti and curd. He likes eating just the arbi pieces without roti too. I have carried this sabzi with me in a tiffin for Devansh while we are out traveling as it’s dry and non-messy.

Arbi or taro root provides us several health benefits. It’s helps improve our immune system, aids digestion, and is good for controlling blood pressure and sugar levels in blood. Loads of reasons for including it in toddlers’ and kids’ meals right? So I hope you try this sukhi (dry) arbi sabzi recipe, it helps you make a nutrition-packed meal without taking too much of your time.

Sukhi Arbi (Taro Root) Sabzi with Roti

Sukhi Arbi Sabzi (Taro Root Sabzi) Recipe

Prep time: 00:05 | Cook time: 00:10 | Total time: 00:15

Sukhi Arbi (Taro Root) Sabzi Recipe

Sukhi Arbi Sabzi (Taro Root Sabzi)

Try this short and simple sukhi arbi sabzi recipe to up the nutritional quotient of toddlers' and kids' meals.
Author Mukta Tikekar


  • Approx. 300 grams arbi taro root
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds jeera
  • 1/4 th tsp asafoetida hing
  • 1/4 th tsp turmeric powder haldi
  • 1/4 th tsp red chili powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 1-2 tbsp oil
  • Chopped coriander


  • Wash arbi thoroughly and then cook it in pressure cooker on low flame for 4-5 minutes (one whistle). Don't cook after one whistle as overcooked arbi becomes sticky. [Tip: Soak arbi in some water to which salt is added for about 10 minutes. Since it's a root sometimes it is covered in mud, even if it's not it's better to soak it in water for some time.]
  • Soak cooked arbi in water (room temperature will do) to stop them from cooking further, and then cut them into approx. 1 inch slices.
  • Heat a kadai and add oil. (If you're using a non-stick kadai (which I would recommend) you will little more than 1 tbsp oil.)
  • Add cumin seeds when the oil heats up. [Tip: If you are making this sabzi for toddlers, you can use jeera powder instead of the seeds.]
  • Add hing and haldi when the cumin seeds splutter.
  • Add sliced arbi and give it a stir.
  • Add red chili powder and salt, and stir the sabzi so that the powder and salt get mixed properly. (I use less chili powder because I make it for Devansh. If you are making this sabzi for grownups you can add more chili powder as this sabzi tastes better when it's spicy.)
  • Cook without a lid till the sabzi turned slightly golden, add chopped coriander, give the sabzi a good stir, and then turn off heat. (Devansh still hates getting coriander in his bites so I add it after keeping some aside for him.)

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