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Buttermilk | Masala Chaas Recipe

Here’s How to Make the Perfect Masala Chaas, Spiced Buttermilk Recipe

This masala buttermilk also known as spiced buttermilk is a perfectly refreshing summer coolant spiced using coriander, mint and ginger. Chaas is a good, natural source of calcium, and it also contains potassium and protein. Coriander, which is added in this masala chaas is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is good for eyesight. In addition, it also a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamins A and C both help strengthen our immune system.

Fruit Raita Recipe | Yogurt-based dish

Fruit Raita Recipe, A Perfect Accompaniment for Indian Food

Fruit raita recipe, perfect as an accompaniment for spicy Indian food, as a cooling summer food, or a filling upvas / vrat snack. Fruits like apple, banana, black grapes, orange along with spices such as himalayan black salt, cumin seeds powder, black pepper powder mixed in curd and milk is a super awesome combination. And, that is what makes this awesome fruit raita.

Vegetable Rice Porridge Recipe

Porridge for Babies, How to Make Vegetable Rice Porridge

My mother has been making rice porridge for eons. In Marathi we call it “takatli ukad”. I don’t know why I didn’t make this porridge for Devansh earlier; it is such an easy-peasy recipe. My mom doesn’t add curry leaves and veggies though. I add curry leaves for flavor and veggies for nutrition. I avoid …

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