Food for one year old baby

20 Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes for 6 to 12 Month Old Babies

Introducing solids to your baby at 6 months is a milestone not only for babies but for mothers as well.… Read More

3 months ago

Gajar Batata Bhaaji (Gajar Aloo Sabzi) Recipe

Ever notice how almost all kids love potato dishes? My kiddo loves it and so did I when I was a… Read More

3 years ago

Porridge for Toddlers, Oats Porridge with Fruits and Nuts

Sonia has been communicating with me in the form of comments, and messages and posts on my Facebook page since… Read More

5 years ago

Jowar (White Millet) Banana Sheera

Slumber, reverie, fatigue, or sheer laziness—I don't quite know how to describe my state in the past month. Maybe it… Read More

5 years ago

Poha for Kids, How to Make Sweet Poha Porridge for Toddlers, Kids,

I have gotten into this annoying habit of taking afternoon naps. Now I know they say that afternoon naps are… Read More

6 years ago

Lauki ki Sabzi

I'm passionate about food, but before Devansh was born the passion was more for eating than cooking. Then I got… Read More

6 years ago

Spinach Kadhi (Takatla Palak) Recipe

I cook all of Devansh's meals except lunch. For lunch, Devansh has the same roti-sabzi as us, which is prepared… Read More

6 years ago

Minced Chicken in White Sauce

Have you ever reached that stage of inertia where you just can't motivate yourself to do something? That's what happened to me… Read More

6 years ago

Barley Dalia Upma Recipe for Toddlers and Kids

Kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast. Try this recipe of barley dalia upma to derive the nutritional benefits of… Read More

6 years ago

Caramel Custard

I have probably said this before and it still holds true—getting Devansh to eat eggs is a Herculean task. So… Read More

6 years ago