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Carrot Orange Soup
Carrot orange soup 
(Image courtesy:  funwidfud.blogspot.in)
After I started this blog, I got some helpful suggestions for recipes from my readers—well mostly friends, relatives, or ex-colleagues. 😉 Also while browsing the Internet I came across quite a few interesting recipes. Some such recipes and suggestions are good for smaller babies. Now that Devansh is almost 21 months old, I don’t think I’ll be cooking them. Then there are some recipes that are so well written that I don’t need to rewrite them here unnecessarily. So in this post I’ll provide links to such recipes.

Mugdha, who’s daughter is 10 months old, had asked me to post some soup recipes. I have posted a recipe for vegetable soup earlier. While searching for more soup recipes, I came across this really yummy looking carrot and orange soup’s recipe. It can easily be adapted to suit babies’ palates. You just need to use less ginger, garlic, and cloves and avoid using chili flakes altogether.
Click the link below to view the recipe:http://funwidfud.blogspot.in/2013/01/carrot-orange-soup.html
(Image courtesy:  truptiskitchen.blogspot.in)

Then the other day, one of my ex-colleagues, Archana, asked me to post a recipe for “khimat”. She said her niece used to be underweight but she gained weight rapidly after she started eating khimat. When I searched the Internet to learn more about this khimat, I found out that khimat is also known as “khimati”. This baby food is quite popular kokan side. I checked with my cook as well. She told me it’s made using rice and moong daal. You add hing and salt to moong daal and rice, and then cook them in a pressure cooker. I found a recipe on the Internet that had some additional ingredients that looked interesting. Sugar is also one of the listed ingredients. However, if you want to make the khimati sweet, I’d recommend using jaggery instead of sugar.
Click the link below to view the recipe:


Ragi Malt
Ragi malt
(Image courtesy: spicingyourlife.blogspot.in)

Then when Sapna, who’s baby is eight months old, asked me to post some more ragi recipes, I as usual resorted to google. In one blog I found a recipe for ragi malt. I had fed Devansh ragi porridge made from readymade malt a few times when he was around 7-8 months old. Mothers interested in feeding their li’l ones homemade baby food should definitely take a look at this healthy ragi malt recipe.
Click the link below to view the recipe:


P.S. This post was written before I created my Facebook page. Now if I come across any interesting recipes for baby or kiddie food, I post them on the Facebook page. If any of you moms want to share some useful links with me and other moms, please do post them on my page. Happy cooking till then. 🙂

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