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Porridge for Babies, How to Make Vegetable Rice Porridge

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A porridge made of rice flour, vegetables, and butter milk, flavored with curry leaves. An Ideal recipe for babies, toddlers, and kids.
Author Mukta Tikekar


  • 5 tbsp rice flour
  • 2-3 tsp curds (I prefer curds which is not sour)
  • 2 tbsp mashed vegetables
  • 1/4th tsp cumin seeds
  • 3-4 curry leaves
  • 1 small piece of chili (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp grated ginger (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp chopped coriander
  • 1 tsp homemade ghee (clarified butter)
  • pinch of hing (asafoetida)
  • pinch of sugar
  • salt to taste


  • Take curds in a bowl, add about 1 cup of water, and then beat it well for a minute using a spoon or an egg beater. You can also churn it using a butter churner, basically you want to quickly make buttermilk. If you have buttermilk ready, you can use that instead.
  • Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame and add ghee.
  • Add cumin seeds. When cumin seeds splutter, add hing, curry leaves, grated ginger, and one small piece of chili. (For babies who cannot chew properly you can use powdered cumin seeds. You may choose to not add ginger or green chili, if your baby’s too small to eat spicy food. Although adding little bit ginger and one small piece of chili will not make this porridge too spicy.)
  • Add buttermilk, salt, and sugar, and stir properly.
  • When the buttermilk starts to bubble, add chopped coriander. (If you are making this porridge for grownup kids, you can add coriander on top of the porridge after it is cooked.
  • But toddlers and babies may not be able to chew coriander properly, so it’s better to cook it a bit.)
  • Add rice flour and mix it properly to ensure no lumps form in the mixture.
  • Stir the mixture on medium flame for a couple of minutes, and then add mashed vegetables and mix them properly with the mixture. (I always have (cooked) mashed vegetables ready with me so I use that. If you wish to use fresh vegetables, add vegetables of your choice. Add them earlier though so that they get cooked properly.)
  • Cover the pan, and cook the porridge on low flame for about 5 minutes. (Actually this porridge cooks properly even if you don’t cover the pan. I have cooked it both ways, just make sure you keep stirring the mixture if you don’t cover it with a lid.)
  • Take out the curry leaves and chili before serving the porridge.


Cooking buttermilk on high heat can cause it to curdle. To prevent curdling, cook it on low heat. Also, you can add 1 tbsp rice flour in buttermilk from the start as some kind of starch in buttermilk prevents curdling, just like we add besan while making kadhi.